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pink paint

Who is pink hair color suitable for?

who suits pink hair

Even if you are a serious business woman, in a wide palette of pink hair colors, from hot pink to pastel, there is sure to be the very shade that will emphasize your dignity without a hint of infantilism. But colorists are guided not only by style, but also by color type. Let’s see what variations of pink are relevant and what is their originality.

Popular shades of pink – the most harmonious combinations for you

SalonSecret experts suggest general rules for playing with pink, but, as a reminder, sometimes the rules can and should be broken.

  • Light pink watercolor
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Pink hair dye for light tones gently and unobtrusively sets a spring mood and fits wonderfully into golden and cold blondes as an element of ombre or shatusha, and on short hair it looks especially impressive in the version of dyeing in one tone.

Transparent light skin with a blue or pink undertone will definitely love this shade. However, peach skin goes well with it too. Eyes, however, must certainly be “spring-summer”: gray, blue, light green or light brown with soft amber tints.

Brunettes, brown-haired women and owners of dark blond hair prefer juicy splashes of color. Saturated pink will never get lost and will declare itself loudly, and the brighter the eyes, the more graphic and expressive the image. Bright pink hair color is suitable for dynamic women. The depth of color is emphasized by curled curls or a “beach” hairstyle. There may be only one hitch associated with rosacea or inflammation on the skin, but there seems to be no problem if you put a dense concealer in your cosmetic bag.

  • Pastel pink dream

The dusty rose color has no age barriers and gives any look a flair of sophistication. Depending on the nuance and intensity of coloring, this shade always finds a common language with the main groups of color types. So, coral-pastel pink strands refresh tanned skin with a peach or olive undertone, and cold pink pastels will refresh the complexion of blondes with light eyes and milky skin.

  • Pink gold

When blondes and fair-haired girls want to go beyond the usual image, the hit of the last two years comes to the rescue – shining rose gold. It is unpretentious in combinations, it reveals as much as possible when dyed tone on tone and in symbiosis with fair skin. To avoid sloppiness, the roots will have to be tinted almost every month. Be mentally prepared for this!

What are pink hair dyes?

Dyes vary in durability and exposure technique. Some penetrate deep into the structure of the hair, others work on the basis of direct pigments on the surface, and still others gently cover the hair with a thin tint film. And of course, each type has its own pros and cons.

Persistent dyes


Long-lasting pink hair dye is also called permanent for its amazing resistance to washout. It contains ammonia and lasts until victorious, that is, until a haircut or before a coloring procedure in a different tone.

Try using such dyes in complex coloring, and not on the entire hair strip. So the roots grow back imperceptibly, and staining does not require frequent correction.

Tint products

hair coloring products

Alkaline dyes with direct pigments are safe for sensitive hair and provide a rich pink tone that will last for several weeks or until the next shampoo, depending on the formula of the product. Tinted pink paint is especially loved by young people, where the trend of today seems terribly outdated by the evening.

Toning dyes

tinting agents

Tinting paint, like permanent paint, works with the oxidation process, but there is no ammonia in its composition. Colorists use ammonia-free products of this type if the client has sensitive hair, scalp prone to allergies, or some kind of personal dislike for ammonia.

How to choose a paint with a pink tint?

In the salon where you usually dye your hair, you will find at least one type of pink dye. This is what the colorists themselves pay attention to when choosing a paint for the upcoming staining.

how to choose a color
  • Structure: The more caring ingredients it contains, the better.
  • Overlapping gray hair: the manufacturer always indicates how much the dye covers the gray hair, the camouflage dye is used when the gray hair is less than 50%, otherwise a permanent product or a special preparation procedure for dyeing, such as pre-pigmentation, may be needed.
  • Dye type: Permanent and tinting paints are ideal for a static “pink” look, and tint products are ideal for making a splash at a party or for a unique pink summer.
  • Manufacturer: professional pink hair dye of a famous brand is preferable to no-name.

Important! No matter how wonderful the dye is, an accurate hit in the shade will provide only preliminary lightening of the hair, if you have natural light brown, dark or already dyed hair. You can select several strands with a dye with direct pigments without lightening, but the tone will turn out to be much calmer and paler than in the palette.

Review of the best professional pink paints

Our stylists believe pink will save the world. Or at least make it a much more enjoyable, creative and inspiring place. Each time they return to four dyes that are so functional that they meet the most demanding needs. Meet the SalonSecret favorites!

Matrix Watercolors Quartz Pink from Color Sync palette

Watercolor scale Watercolors from the palette Color Sync designed for those who are cocky enough to allow themselves to stand out from the crowd. And those who do not forget that beautiful hair is, first of all, healthy hair.

What is good Quartz pink?

  • Does not contain ammonia, is enriched with apricot and peach seed oil, which means that in the process of dyeing the hair gets not only pure color, but also nutrition.
  • Smoothes porous cuticle areas with the help of caring ceramides.
  • No risk to dry hair or reduce hair quality… On the contrary, shine and smoothness are noticeably enhanced, and the shade is uniform along the entire length, even on gray and porous hair. True, the master can only guarantee camouflage, and not a dense overlap of gray hair, but even in this case, quartz pink turns disadvantages into advantages – the color becomes deeper and more prominent.
  • Depending on the initial base and the desired effect, it can do anything at all: from the most delicate rosé to pastel coral splendor.

Redken City Ballet Pink from the City Beats palette

Maximum convenience for the master and maximum color for the client. It’s all about City ballet pink! The dye is as convenient as ballet flats, and its name translates exactly like this: pink ballet shoes, pointe shoes. By texture City beats creamy, not fluid, but by type – ammonia-free toning, gentle and caring. The advantages of “shoes” do not end there.

  • City Beats are equally good works on colored and natural hair
  • Its acidic formula smooths the cuticles and protects hair from damage during staining.
  • The color remains saturated for up to 12 shampoo applications, and after tinting can be repeated immediately without risk of impairing hair quality.
  • City ballet pink varies ad infinitum in nuance and intensity when mixed with other City Beats shades.

Matrix Sparkling Rose from SoColor Cult palette

Sparkling rosé in a glass, sparkling rosé on your hair – and life is good! The whole range SoColor Cult was created as the quintessence of color in its brightest manifestations.

That’s why Sparkling rose loved by the experts at SalonSecret:

  • formula contains high concentration of direct pigments for bold and extraordinary images;
  • composed of five times more caring componentsthan in the Matrix SoColor.Beauty dye (although it is permanent, it also knows how to properly take care of your hair);
  • after staining inthe hairs look well-groomed and sleek even without air conditioning;
  • paint withstands up to 42 shampoo applications;
  • you can get it absolutely any shade of pinkmixing dye with other colors of the palette SoColor Cult… Washing your hair 42 times is an average of 10-14 bright weeks with your favorite shade. For all this time after staining SoColor Cult the color remained the same saturated as on the first day, a special care was developed – Matrix keep me vivid… Read more about it here.

L’Oréal Professionnel Pink Sorbet from Dia Richesse

Have L’Oréal Pro have hair makeup Colorful hair in shade Pink sorbet, in which the souls do not hate party-goers, accustomed to the carefree transformation of the image. But this time we will focus not on the fastest, but on the most delicate pink dye of the brand – Dia richesse without ammonia.

In his palette, a family of gentle milkshakes (“milkshakes”) stands apart, one of which is also called Pink sorbet

Milk shakes differ from Colorful hair the fact that they are suitable not only for accents, but also for coloring tone on tone. Elegant and juicy at the same time Pink sorbet looks appropriate in the office, at a party and at home.

What special effects does it have?

  • Soft toning formula does not injure the hair shaft.
  • Luxurious pink nuance differs from most pink tones in respectable restraint.
  • Hair dye glossy showy shine
  • Brightens natural hair 1.5 tones.
  • Grows beautifullywithout requiring correction.

Find out which of these dyes your master uses and hurry up to get your own unique tone!

By the way, star stylists say that in 2021 pink is especially relevant in three techniques: a combination with natural dark roots, airtouch – for example, with a stretch from dark pink with a purple nuance to light salmon at the tips, and pink highlights using the babylights technique … What “pink” technique would you like to try?

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