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platinum blond and its features

Who suits platinum blonde hair color?

This noble shade is much kinder than the ultra-cold blonde, but the platinum blonde has its limitations. If you have an uneven, dark or reddish skin tone, white hair will only elevate these minor imperfections into the main focus of your look. Let’s remember the sunbathing lovers with platinum curls in the style of young Pamela Anderson, who have finally sunk into oblivion. Even when the combination of very blonde hair and intensely tanned skin was popular, it looked a little … odd.

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For brown eyes

Dark-eyed people prefer light brown and ashy shades of platinum hair color: they advantageously emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes. When combined with light (but not pale!) Skin, very sophisticated and modern looks are obtained.

For green eyes

A delicate combination that requires pastel shades and a soft smile. The combination of green eyes and ash-platinum strands looks bright and relevant.

For blue and gray eyes

Light-eyed very cold platinum-ash, platinum-silver and pearl shades of hair are very suitable.

Skin tone

platinum blonde and skin tone
platinum blonde and age restrictions

What to look for when choosing shades of platinum hair color based on skin tone? Regardless of the notorious color types, be guided by a simple rule: with a yellow and gray undertone, a harmonious combination will turn out with less cold shades of platinum, and with pink and bluish tones – with ultra-cold ones. In the first case, pay attention to the neutral white hair color and platinum-blonde dyes.

Age restrictions

Platinum blond can easily be attributed to the age category of tolerance “18+”. Indeed, he “matures”, but at the same time does not age, but adds to the image of high-grade refinement. And it spoils everything if the quality of the hair is poor. Due to the capriciousness and exactingness of the platinum color, careful care of the hair is necessary both before and after staining.

How to dye your hair platinum blonde and not regret it?

How to dye your hair platinum blonde
  • Natural and artificial dark hair color will have to be lightened in several passes with parallel restoration of the structure of the strands. The process of dyeing the hair in ashy color will be quite long, but with this approach, the hair will suffer slightly, even if you are a burning brunette.
  • Light strands turn into blond much more easily, and if the platinum paint is selected successfully, you can do without the clarifying powder. For example, using L’Oreal Professionnel Dialight, it is easy to tint colored blonde hair, giving it a pearlescent platinum shade (dyes 9.11 and 10.12 will help).
  • It is difficult for redheads to get platinum hair color without impurities due to the peculiarities of the native pigment. Unfortunately, there is a great risk that yellowness or redness will still appear after staining.

Is it possible to get platinum hair color at home?

platinum blonde at home

At home, especially with easy-to-use household dyes, you can achieve platinum hair color, but labor costs and risks are disproportionate to the result: it is extremely difficult to get the desired non-trivial shade and at the same time not ditch your hair. It is better for dark-haired people not even to take on this dangerous enterprise and immediately trust the professional colorists.

If you are still ready to experiment at your own peril and risk, forget about outdated clarifiers like hydrogen peroxide and do not apply suspiciously cheap paints from unknown manufacturers to your head.

How to choose platinum hair dye?

platinum blond paint

We learned a few secrets from our experts:

  1. When choosing a platinum shade, be sure to discuss with your master which shade is right for you and which brand to trust.
  2. Do not chase ammonia-free products. A truly cool and pure platinum blond without ammonia is practically unattainable.
  3. Some brands mark platinum tones as ash. Mistake or careless attitude towards customers? Not at all. In fact, this is a cold base blond, which in skilled hands takes on nuances: ash gray, metallic shine or natural matte sheen.

What the Pros Choose: Platinum Dyes Review?

Want to go platinum blonde? Our experts always share inside information. This time they told what colors and in what shades they give unalloyed platinum shades on the strands.

In a wide palette of Color Sync, the lightest shades are conveniently grouped into the Sheer Pastel group. If you want a radiant platinum blonde without yellowness and pinkness, pay attention to two tones: SPA and SPV. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the hair when dyeing. The platinum-based Crea-Oil Smoothing & Revitalizing Complex makes them smooth and shiny.

Comfortable creamy consistency, light shades without unexpected discrepancies with tone and delicate care – Blonde Idol has solid advantages without disadvantages. The line for blondes includes 12 shades for every taste, but of course we are interested in cold platinum ones: Mocha Pearl, Pearl and Pearl Ash.

The dye helps to achieve clean tones that are resistant to washout, and raise its own tone by 4.5 levels without prior discoloration. There are seven shades in the palette, of which fans of platinum hair color should take a closer look at Ash and Ash +. After dyeing, the hair remains soft and pleasant to the touch thanks to the caring molecules Ionene G and Incell.

Ammonia-free cream paint is suitable for correcting an unsuccessful light shade or for spot highlighting strands in multicolor dyeing. The acid-base balance of the dye is acidified, which means that when the dye is on the hair, the cuticle remains in a healthy, smoothed state. A very deep and cold shimmering platinum blonde gives a mix of 9V and 9B shades.

Platinum 2021: what shades will we wear in the new year?

We will tell you what shades of platinum hair color you should pay attention to in 2021.

Platinum Ash Blonde

Platinum Ash Blonde

Still a hotly fashionable and very moody shade of platinum blonde. If you are ready to regularly tint your hair after dyeing, be sure to decide on it – admiring compliments will not keep you waiting.

Pearl platinum hair color

Pearl Platinum Blonde

The sheen of pure mother-of-pearl will be relevant in both icy and slightly warmer variations.

Platinum blonde

Platinum blonde hair color

With modern platinum dyes, any shade of light brown hair with a metallic sheen is available. But it is especially curious, versatile and natural looking light blond platinum – suitable for almost any haircut and its owner!

Platinum Silver Blonde

If you lacked shine in trendy ash shades, here it is – the solution. Beware of the wig effect when dyed in one tone, the silver metallic platinum is much more harmonious in the form of separate bright strokes along the hair.

True platinum blonde

Refined classics come back again and again. The yellowness on it is deadly – we arm ourselves with a purple pigment to maintain the cold sophistication of a platinum blonde.

Platinum hair dyeing techniques

At the height of fashion, coloring in various techniques for those who find complete coloring boring. See the most interesting options for coloring in platinum blond that our stylists have found for you.

Thin highlighting

A real bomb for brown-haired women. Choose cold dark tones as the main tone, against their background the glare of ultra-cold platinum will create a truly cosmic depth.

Dark roots

The shade of the root zone, close to the natural hair color, increases the intervals between dyeing and is in perfect harmony with the relaxed style of clothing.

Combination of platinum and ash tones

This is not only beautiful, but also practical: the dull matte sheen of ash strands next to shining platinum gives the hairstyle a visual volume.

The combination of platinum blonde and light brown shades

Bringing out platinum highlights closer to the forehead and cheeks highlights and contours facial features. Owners of short hair of a cold light brown tone will refresh and diversify the image as a whole, placing platinum accents on the bangs.


Tenderness and pastel are in trend. For example, from lavender, pale lilac or bluish ash at the roots, strands of platinum hair color can turn into a cold pearlescent sheen at the ends.

Stylists recommend: favorite care for platinum blondes

Getting the perfect platinum on your strands is half the battle. The most puzzling part of the life of a blonde with aristocratic impeccable hair begins not in the salon, but in the bathroom. What care products will help to keep the brightness of such a whimsical color?

Step # 1 – shampoo

Kérastase Reflection Chromatique Riche

A gentle cleanser for stressed, colored or streaked hair that prolongs the radiant color and intensely nourishes with rice bran oil.

Redken color extension blondage

Toning shampoo with ultraviolet pigment for cold blonde hair not only neutralizes the appearance of yellowness, but also provides a brilliant shine to the strands.

L’Oreal Professionnel Blondifier Cool

The newcomer to the Serie Expert line is created specifically for cool blond shades. The shampoo’s violet pigment neutralizes annoying yellowness on the strands, and the acai berry polyphenols preserve the color of the hair when washed.

Step # 2 – conditioner

Redken color extension blondage

Does not allow cold shades to go into a yellow tone and at the same time softens the hair, makes it easier to comb. Demonstrates maximum efficiency when paired with a shampoo of the same name.

Matrix Total Results Brass Off

Deeply nourishes thanks to a balanced oil-vitamin formula, moisturizes and softens hair dyed in cold blonde shades. But he does not promise to neutralize yellowness – this is the task of shampoo from the same Matrix “Cold Blond” system.

L’Oreal Professionnel Vitamino Color A-Ox

Intensively fights against yellowness on bleached hair. Strands after this treatment are smooth, supple and delightfully soft. Suitable even for thin hair without volume!

Step # 3 – mask

Matrix Biolage Colorlast

The moisturizing mask retains the rich color of the colored strands for a long time. Hair is silky, shiny and healthy, and with the next visit to the salon it is quite possible to wait a couple of months.

Kérastase Soleil UV Défense Active

For light colored hair, direct exposure to sunlight is especially dangerous. UV filters in this mask prevent photo-destruction of the hair structure, preserving color depth, and cationic polymers smooth the cuticles and restore shine to the strands.

L’Oreal Professionnel Blondifier

With her, dyed and highlighted blonde hair gains a glamorous shine and healthy structure. Add to this the extension of color saturation – and you definitely need to take it. And one shot of Powermix with purple pigment turns the mask into a nourishing mask with platinum shade correction and yellow prevention features.

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