29 photos of hair color and a review of the best paints

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cold blond

Who suits a cold blond?

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If you are the owner of a cold color type, then this is ideal. Cool blond goes well with blue, green, gray and brown eyes if the skin has a pinkish or neutral undertone.

Cool shades are a favorite of celebrities. With a platinum blonde, you can often see Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, famous British top model Cara Delevingne and Kristen Stewart, who decided to part with the role of the dark heroine of the Twilight saga. Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Rita Ora and many other celebrities choose a luxurious palette of cold shades – and they are right.

If these blondes don’t suit you very well, try a combination of warm and cold tones (egg nog).

Play with contrast. This is also an option, but most of all this style will suit girls who love bright makeup and daring looks. So, for example, Kim Kardashian once radically changed her image, striking fans with white curls that were unusually combined with her tanned skin.

A cold blond is not suitable for girls with red hair, golden or olive skin – in this case, it is better to focus on a warm range of coloring.

Let’s talk in more detail about the combination of a cold blond with different eye colors.

With brown eyes

Cool blond is perfect for girls with light brown and hazel eyes. If the eyes are dark brown, then the contrast may not play in your favor.

With green eyes

Green-eyed women should definitely turn to cold platinum and pearl shades, they can favorably emphasize eye color.

With blue or gray eyes

The most popular and classic combination is cold blond with blue eyes. Gray eyes will also look good with this coloring.

Shades of cold blond

Cold blond is undoubtedly in fashion, and he is also able to create a stylish and unique image, make you younger and refresh your face. At the same time, the range of shades is quite extensive and you can choose the necessary one, based on preferences, hair length and haircut.

Let’s tell you more.

Ash and pearl blond

Classic ash or platinum blond will look spectacular on hair of any length.

On light brown hair, highlighting in ashy or pearl blond will look stylish, and will also help refresh and rejuvenate the face. Such coloring is categorically not recommended for girls with strong natural pigment – red or black, it will be quite difficult to get the desired shade. But the fair-haired are very lucky – the discoloration is minimal.

Dark ash blond

This option is best suited for brown-haired women and brunettes. If your own hair shade is cold, then you can choose a couple of tones lighter and do highlighting, shatush or balayazh.

For a smooth deepening of the color, you can try staining using the bronzing technique – it will create a soft transition effect.

Gray and brown ash blond

The trendiest colors look good on long to medium hair. You can choose the option with full coloring, or you can make a shatush or balayage with a smooth transition and highlights.

As for the gamut, there is a great choice: silver-ash, mouse, steel, gray, dark gray, gray-brown and gray-beige.

Transparent or crystal ash

Maximum lightening results in almost transparent glass hairs.

Coloring in this shade is not suitable for girls with very thin and damaged hair, as there is a risk of injuring them even more and removing volume.

With a pink, lilac or blue tint

Fabulous and mystical shades are well suited for young girls who are not afraid of experiments. Pink, lilac and blue curls will look great with both short and long hair. Also, these shades are well combined together – both in the form of highlighting and ombre.

How to dye a cold blonde without yellowness?

without yellowness

The ideal cold blonde in the salon is obtained thanks to the skill of the stylist-colorist, but the following rules can be distinguished.

  • Dark hair must be lightened beforehand several shades depending on the desired result and the intensity of the natural hair color.
  • Choose bonding Is a gentle color treatment using complex care that allows you to lighten hair with minimal damage and achieve a shiny and healthy shine.
  • If you do not want to dye the entire length, such gentle and fashionable techniques as booking, shatush, balayage, highlighting and ombre… This will give you a stylish color, but it will be easier to correct and less traumatic for your hair.
  • In addition to the paint of the required tone after clarification, use a neutralizer or mikston purple… This will maximize the removal of yellowness.
  • Coloring should be done only in the salon with an experienced colorist: industrial non-professional dyes and tonics are difficult to remove and cover, professional dye may then not lie on the hair, they can also easily get an unwanted or unpredictable shade.
  • Choose professional paint, which is gradually and smoothly washed out of the hair, without leaving spots and transitions.

Review of the best hair colors in the shade of cold blond

Matrix Color Sync

A colorist can offer you two scenarios: a lightening paint that gives the desired nuance (platinum, gray, silver, cream, etc.) or decolorization followed by toning. In the latter case, the coating is guaranteed to be uniform. Moreover, the master will only consider this option if you have colored hair. The very possibility of discoloration, of course, scares many. But not colorists!

It turns out that even maximum lightening can be gentle. So if your master uses Light master from Matrix with the protective bonder already included in the powder, you are guaranteed to lighten up to 8 levels, and the bonds of the keratin matrix – the hair base – will not be affected. The product is convenient when working in different techniques and does not require additional protective hair products. Powder with bonder has a comfortable consistency, mixes perfectly with oxidants Matrix 3%, 6% and 9%.

And only then comes the turn of the paint. We will tell you which dyes are especially loved by SalonSecret experts.

Matrix Color Sync

Matrix Color Sync

Let it be blond! Beautiful toning of blonde hair will go like clockwork if you choose a shade from the new palette Matrix Color Sync… Pay attention to pastel colors (Sheer Pastel line) with numbers SPV, SPA, SPN, SPP, SPM. They perfectly withstand up to 25 applications of shampoo, and over time they are washed out not in a warm tone, but in a cold one. For toning the lightest levels, shades 11V, 11A, 11N, 11P are suitable.

You can also achieve the perfect cool tone with a range of acid toners of the same dye. Matrix Color Sync… Due to the acidic environment, the cuticle is smoothed, and the same glazing effect is obtained on the hair. The main advantage of these toners is that they do not lighten the base, which means that dark-blond girls and brown-haired women can enjoy a cold tone without harming their hair.

Toner range Matrix Color Sync there is another curious remedy – a transparent shade of Nude (in an acidic palette) and Clear (in an alkaline one). It can be used for glazing hair as a grooming procedure, or mixed to dilute cold dyes for tone-on-tone coloring. Solo transparent shade is applied to damp, clean hair. The result is radiant, healthy curls with more uniform, deep and iridescent color.

Matrix SoColor.beauty

To achieve a beautiful and shiny shade of cold blonde, you can use professional hair dye – permanent dye SoColor.beauty by Matrix

The palette contains both calm natural cold blondes and saturated ones that allow you to simultaneously lighten the strands and give them the desired tone without a hint of yellowness. The dye is suitable for painting gray hair, and thanks to the formula with the Cera Oil complex, the hair cortex is strengthened. Whichever tone you choose, it will fit exactly from root to tip.

Pay attention to the names of the following shades:

  • 10 SP – Silver pearl blond.
  • 8 SP – Dark silver pearl blond.
  • 6 SP – Dark ash blond.
  • 10 AV – Ash pearl.
  • 10 P – Very light pearl blond.

There are also fashionable and persistent tones in a special palette. SoColor.beauty under the general title Extra.Blond… Their task is to create the brightest and lightest blonde possible. You will definitely love these shades:

  • UL-VV – Dark pearlescent blond
  • UL-P – Pearl blond
  • UL-AV – Ash mother-of-pearl

L’Oréal Professionnel Majirel

Among the dyes Majirel colorists highlight the line Cool Inforced. These colors have proven that super cool blond can look very natural and modern. Shades from ash silver to beige are durable and easily neutralize any unwanted warm tones. Read more about this paint here, and we invite you to take a closer look at these exquisite variations of blond:

  • 7.1 – Ash blonde.
  • 8.1 – Light ash blonde.
  • 9.1 – Very light ash blonde.

Proper care for bleached hair at home

Colored hair needs special care. For home care, stylists advise you to choose a special range designed to preserve the shade of the hair and provide the hair with maximum care.

Shampoo for bleached and toned hair is best to choose one that neutralizes copper and orange shades. Will do this task well Brass Off by Matrix… This scale is specially designed for 5-7 tone levels.

And for blondes of 8-10 tone levels, shampoo is suitable So Silver… It neutralizes the yellowness, well known to all very light blondes.

After repeated lightening and the use of various styling devices, deep nutrition and restoration are indispensable. To do this, you can choose special intensive care, for example Re-Bond by Matrix… Maleic acid in the composition of this product restores keratin bonds inside the hair, damaged as a result of discoloration or exposure to thermal tools.

If you have a little more free time, then you can choose an additional tool: for example, So Long Damage by Matrix designed for severely damaged hair.

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