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  trends and coloring ideas for squares in 2021

Fashion trends in dyeing short hair – 2021: new items and trends

Fashion trends in coloring on a square
trends in the coloring of the square

Stylists assure: 2021 can be safely called the year of short haircuts, among which various variations of the bob hold the palm – be it an elongated bob, asymmetric, bob or bob.

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“Longbob is still, of course, relevant, but girls want a change, especially when the average length of the hairstyle has grown and something needs to be changed. To the question “how?” there are a couple of actual options. Firstly, this is a very short bang, it can be either neatly trimmed or torn. Secondly, if you go from medium length to a shorter version of the haircut, then, on the contrary, thick straight massive bangs are relevant, which smoothly goes into the length of the haircut itself, in the common people “pot”. But if a bang suits many, then such a haircut is not for everyone. “

Svetlana Stepina
Stylist, creative partner of L’Oréal Professionnel

As for hair color, both natural tones and bright creative shades like pink blonde or lavender are in fashion.

Natural tones

Natural tone and hair coloring on the square

Fans of natural beauty can rejoice: this season, stylists first of all advise women to rely on natural shades that are as close as possible to your natural color.

“This season, natural shades are relevant, but with relief – these are dawned strands, differing in level by one or two tones. Visually similar to the highlights of the hair, which burned out in the sun. “

Svetlana Stepina
Stylist, creative partner of L’Oréal Professionnel

Red shades

Hair coloring on the square Red shades

Whether you prefer bronze, auburn hair, spicy cinnamon or bright fire hair, if your curls fall into the spectrum of red shades, it will be a perfect fit for this year’s trend.

Moreover, in order to favorably emphasize the color of the skin and eyes, try to select the most saturated and deep tones.

Pink blond

Good news for fans of pink strands: the shade “pink blond” ruled the ball, and all possible variations of pink are relevant.


Bright coloring in combination with a short haircut has not been relevant for the first season.

The extravagant lavender color will help you stand out from the crowd this summer and add expression to the image. However, in everyday life, girls with short hair should avoid dyeing in one tone. Instead, focus on a few strands using a couple of similar lavender shades.

Complex creative coloring for a bob haircut

We will tell you what creative dyeing techniques will be relevant this season for cutting a bob.

Cream soda

The novelty of the season is complex highlighting “cream soda”, like Adele.

The chip of this coloring, which is an excellent alternative to a monochromatic blonde, in a spectacular combination of beige and golden tones.

Bright balayage

The task of the classic balayazh coloring is to create the most natural effect of the strands burnt out in the sun.

And with a bright balayage, or, as it is also called, pastelage, instead of natural shades, the master uses pastel-colored dyes.


If you are not ready to radically change the image, then you can refresh your hairstyle with the help of an ombre. The essence of this trendy technique is a smooth transition from natural roots to lighter ends.

By the way, a competent colorist can compensate for the flaws in appearance and correct absolutely any face shape, depending on where he begins to dawn the strands.


One of the most popular staining techniques – shatush – goes to absolutely everyone and has remained in trend for several years in a row.

Shatush is often confused with balayazh, although there is a big difference: the color border of the latter is always blurred, while when coloring the shatush there is a clear transition from dark roots to lightened ends.


An indisputable plus of the airtouch technique is the visual volume, which after this coloring appears even on very thin hair. And the effect of a lively and multifaceted color is created as follows: the strands are blown with a hairdryer so that only the longest ones remain (they are then lightened under the foil). At the end, the entire mass of hair is toned from root to tip.


The famous brond, like Beyoncé’s (brond is a derivative of the English words blond “blonde” and brown “brunette”), is relevant and suitable not only for long hair, but also for medium length haircuts.

But keep in mind: it is not so easy to get a beautiful volumetric color by combining light and dark tones, so only an experienced stylist can handle this task.

Options for dyeing blonde hair for bob in 2021

What coloring, according to stylists, should be tried this season for fair-haired and blondes?

Honey blond

The honey tone can refresh any type of appearance for one or two times and give a special shine to blond hair. Usually, for depth and visual volume of a hairstyle, colorists create warm highlights and combine strands of several shades at the same time when painting – from light brown to caramel.

Platinum blonde

Platinum blond like Daenerys Targaryen is still popular.

Such an ashy shade goes well with a square, but be prepared for its whims: the color is not too persistent and requires regular use of tinting agents to maintain a cool tone.

Fashionable photo ideas for dyeing dark short hair

The perfect solution for dark hair this season will be either a warm chestnut-cinnamon shade or a cool raven wing.


cinnamon shade Hair coloring on the square

A beautiful deep cinnamon shade with light highlights – this is how the perfect dark hair color looks in 2021.

This spicy tone is especially convincing when combined with tanned skin and green or brown eyes.


Blue-black shade Hair coloring on the square

Brunettes this season are not forbidden to experiment even with very dark shades.

The main thing is to follow the naturalness of the image as a whole, including the color of the eyebrows. They must be necessarily cold black – to match the hair.

Actual ideas for dyeing red hair for a square

For your inspiration, the SalonSecret experts have selected the trendiest red hair color options.


The popularity of copper colored hair is growing day by day.

The copper-red shade looks most advantageous in combination with a warm complexion and light green eyes.

Fiery red

The provocative style that dominates this year has not bypassed its hair color either. An excellent color option for free-spirited girls is fiery red.

An overview of the best treatments for colored hair

After any color treatment, your hair needs additional home care.

SalonSecret stylists recommend the following brands.

  • Mask Blond Absolu Ultra-Violet, Kérastase

    A nourishing mask with hyaluronic acid in the composition improves the condition of dry, bleached hair and neutralizes the unwanted yellow tint of blonde.

10% discount on the official Kerastase website with the SalonSecret promo code.

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